The Illusion of Stability, 1919-1930 - The West and the World After the Great Depression - The Erosion of European Power

7 important questions on The Illusion of Stability, 1919-1930 - The West and the World After the Great Depression - The Erosion of European Power

How was Japan suddenly recognized as a "peer"  of the Western Nations?

Japan emerged from the war as a principal power, their claims to the German bases in the region and special rights in China were recognized at the Paris Peace Conference. Also, with the Washington treaty of 1922, Japan won naval parity with Britain and the US in East Asia.

Why did the Russian revolutionary model (Leninism particularly) appeal to some Chinese intellectuals?

Leninism was attractive because it showed the scope for mass mobilization by a revolutionary vanguard

What did the nationalist Sun Yixien stand for in China (as well as the generation of anticolonialist, nationalist intellectuals that emerged from non-Western countries)

Like the other nationalist Sun Yixien believed that they could learn from the Western modernization (like science and technology) without copying the West and losing distinctive cultural identities.
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What drew Britain away from the problems in Europe after the Peace settlement?

Britain was vulnerable to the growing anticolonial sentiment and struggled to hang on to its empire

What happened towards the end of the British war?

The British governemt promised the Indians to extend the scope for Indian involvement in the colonial administration, but due to growing expectations episodes of violence were provoked. Britain reacted brutally by firing into unarmed crowds etc. This helped galvanize India's independence movement.

What was  the role of Mohandas Gandhi in the independence movement?

He was a British-educated leader of the independence movement in India demanded political rights for the "untouchables", the lowest group in India's long-standing caste system.

What happened in Egypt in 1919-1930?

An anti-British insurrection broke out in Egypt in 1919. British troops suppressed the rebellion and granted moderate concessions like in India. But the Egyptian nationalists demanded independence, which they gained in 1922. Britain remained influential untill the ationalist revolution in 1952 broke out.

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