The tortured decade, 1930-1940 - hitler and nazism in germany - the emergence of nazism and the crisis of the weimar republic

10 important questions on The tortured decade, 1930-1940 - hitler and nazism in germany - the emergence of nazism and the crisis of the weimar republic

National Socialist German Workers's (nazi) Party (NSDAP)

the political party that grew from the movement that german dictator hitler made his vehicle of power

What role did hitler have in the army during WW I?

he fought in the german army as a courier and was injured. he was later tasked with monitoring groups in munich

How did hitler get into politics?

for his monitoring task, he joined a worker's party and got his first experience with politics. he gained confidence and led a movement against communism and the weimar republic
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Beer hall putsch?

a failed coup led by hitler in 1923. he wanted to march on berlin and overthrow the republic but failed and was put on trial

How did hitler change his approach after the failure of 1923?

he decided to work within the system to gain national power.

How did the crash of 1929 affect the german government?

the weimar government couldn't handle the problems, mainly the unemployment insurance and the coalition fell.

What was brunig's economic approach?

Brunig raised taxes and cut spending. this approach failed to revive the economy.

What did hindenburg's advisors do to react to brunig's failure?

they convinced hindenburg to remove brunig and two of his advisors were given a chance to govern,

How did hitler benefit from these circumstances?

in 1932, the nazis got 37% of the votes and the communists came in second. but hitler wouldn't join a coalition unless he was the chancellor. papen suggested to hindenburg that if they appointed hitler as chancelor, papen as vice chancelor and the leader of the nationalist movement minister of finance. hitler became chancellor

Did the nazis cause the collapse of the weimar republic?

no. the republic collapsed because of the division among the german people. they couldn't agree on how to handle issues and this caused an unstable government. and hindenburg's advisors also undercut the republic. the rise of the nazis was a symptom, not the disease

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