War and revolution, 1914-1919 - the unforeseeen stalemate, 1914-1917 - into the nightmare, 1914-1916

9 important questions on War and revolution, 1914-1919 - the unforeseeen stalemate, 1914-1917 - into the nightmare, 1914-1916

What was the strategy of both sides?

both germany and france focussed on rapid movement and the war was supposed to be short

How did the german attack go?

germany attacked, moving through belgium and pushing close to paris but was forced back by the french and british army and dug in

What were the consequences of the failure of the schlieffen plan?

instead of a swift victory, germany was bogged down and a defense line was drawn up from the north sea to switserland. this line would not move much in three years and the war became one of attrition
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What were the benefits of the trenches?

they were easily defendable with machine guns, mines and barbed wire

What were the disadvantages of trenches?

they were filthy, flea ridden, filled with smoke from continiuos artilery fire and noisy

What new weapon was utilized during the war?

poison gas was used by both sides. chlorine, tear and mustard gas. their effect was limited by gasmasks

What did trench warfare do to the morale of soldiers?

soldiers who had first been inspired by ideas of glory, duty, honor, nationalism and patriotism were woken up by the horror of war

Who held the advantage after the first season of fighting?

germany had occupied the most industrious parts of france and belgium.
in the east, the russians were fast to mobilize and even risked an invasion of prussia

Paul von hindenburg and erich ludendorf?

were responsible for pushing the russians back. they took a lot of prisoners and demoralized the russians. they would rise through the ranks during the war as popular figures

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