War and revolution, 1914-1919 - the experience of total war

4 important questions on War and revolution, 1914-1919 - the experience of total war

How did germany survive through the blockade?

the country coordinated all aspects of the economy. all economic leaders were brought close together to cooperate. the new system used rationing, price control and compulsory labor.

Why did the belgians suffer under the blockade?

the germans exploited them, focring them into labor and workcamps and taking food from them, pushing them close to famine

How did the war improve the standing of women?

women were allowed to take men's jobs since a lot of them were at the front. women took jobs in factories and such. suffrage movements also argued that women would be better suited to prevent war and argued for women's rights
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How was civilian morale sustained during the war?

governments censored the news, soldier's letters, didn't report on major battles and sometimes falsified news. they slandered their enemy and discredited them

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