Exam Recap - Time Periods - Baroque Age

6 important questions on Exam Recap - Time Periods - Baroque Age

What are the characteristics of Baroque art in general?

  • Emotions -> Unite.
  • Realism.
  • Theatrical and dramatic.
  • Movement, dynamic effects.
  • Strive for 'Total work of art.'
  • Decoration, pomp and circumstance.

There are five different movements in the art world of the Baroque. Which ones?

  • Italian Baroque.
  • Spanish Baroque.
  • French Baroque.
  • Southern Netherlands (Flanders, Catholic).
  • Northern Netherlands (independent, Protestant).

What were the are the most important innovations of the Baroque art?

  • Emotion and persuasion --> human passion.
  • Drama and theater.
    • Trough movement, tenebrism, decorations and the momentary.
  • Further development realism.
    • Identification.
  • Reflection political (France Absolutism, Italy church) and ecnomic power.
  • Scientific observation and new genres.
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What are the characteristics of paintings of the Spanish Baroque?

  • Heightened status of court painters (King's divine right to rule).
    • Royal functions, still struggle for recognition.
  • Lots of portraits of Royalty.
    • Painting about painting.
  • Most important painter:
    • Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez (1599-1660).
      • Las Meninas.

What are the characteristics of literature of the Spanish Baroque?

  • Narrative literature:
    • Picaresque novel.
    • Pastoral novel.
  • Mysteries of love.
  • Emotions and contrasts.
  • Most important writer(s):
    • Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616).
      • Don Quijote (1605-1615) (Picaresque)
      • Conflict reality - imagination.

Which genres were popular in the Northern Netherlands, during the Baroque age (and which not)?

  • Genre Painting.
  • Still Lifes.
  • Landscapes, seascapes.
  • Portraits, including group portaits (militia pieces, governor pieces).
  • Not:
    • Religious painting.
    • History Painting.

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