How to develop intercultural communicative competence - A multidisciplinary overview of ICC

10 important questions on How to develop intercultural communicative competence - A multidisciplinary overview of ICC

What is intercultural communicative competence (Byram, 1997)?

One of the most influential models in foreign language teaching and learning.

What is intercultural communicative competence (Spitzberg and Cupach, 1984; Chen and Starosta, 1998)?

The term is widely used by experts in communication and interpersonal communication studies. The focus is very much on competence communication.

What is intercultural competence (Deardorff, 2004, 2006)?

A shorter version of the term.
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What is transcultural communication competence (Ting-Toomey, 1999)?

The term refers to an approach integrating theory and practice and thus enabling a mindful application of intercultural knowledge in a sensitive manner.

What is cross-cultural/trans-cultural competence (Ruben, 1989; Hampden-Turner and Trompenaars, 2000)?

The term 'cross-cultural competence' is used in Ruben's review (1989) and used interchangeably with the term 'trans-cultural' competence in Hampden-Turner and Trompenaars (2000).

What is cross-cultural effectiveness (Kealey, 1989)?

The term emphasises the objective of intercultural communication, i.e. effectiveness.

What is intercultural sensitivity (Bennett, 1986; Bhawuk and Brislin, 1992)?

This term is key to Bennett's developmental model of intercultural sensitivity. It is defined as sensitivity to the importance of cultural differences and to the points of view of people in other cultures.

What is global competence (Hunter et al., 2006)?

The term avoids the use of the word 'culture'.

What is international competence (World Work, an intercultural consultancy company)?

The website lists 22 factors and 10 competencies under 'international competence'.

What is intercultural interaction competence (ICIC) (Spencer-Oatey and Franklin, 2009)?

The term is used partly as an umbrella term for reporting existing work and partly to reflect the authors' focus on interaction.

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