How to develop intercultural communicative competence

5 important questions on How to develop intercultural communicative competence

What did Chomsky (1965) claim?

Human beings have an innate and biologically determined faculty responsible for acquisition and mental representation of language. When children acquire a language, they not only learn how to put together and interpret a string of words in concrete situations (performance), but also develop implicit knowledge of what is permissible or not in a language (linguistic competence).

What does the multi-faceted nature of ICC, ranging from knowledge to skills and from awareness to attitudes, mean?

Learning takes place not only inside but also outside the classroom, and not only in terms of theory and understanding, but also in application and practice.

When does intercultural learning take place?

Not only in educational settings, but also in many everyday opportunities and challenges that face those novices or newer members of communities.
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What is language socialisation?

The process in which children, adolescents or newer members of communities learn to speak a language in a manner appropriate to the community and to adapt to the norms and values associated with speaking the language. It is a dual process: socialisation through language and socialisation into language. It takes place both explicitly and implicitly. It is pervasive. It is both a lifelong and a lifewide process across communities and activities. It takes places at different stages of life and can take place in different contexts.

Which key models and approaches in intercultural learning have been reviewed briefly?

  • contact theory
  • experiential learning theory
  • transformative learning theory
  • reflection
  • critical incidents and cultural assimilators
  • reflective learning journals
  • the learner as ethnographer
  • a language socialisation perspective

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