Study abroad and tourism - Tourism (Can I take a picture with you?)

4 important questions on Study abroad and tourism - Tourism (Can I take a picture with you?)

Which groups of people are involved in the process of tourism?

  • tourists
  • hosts
  • tour guides
  • tour business establishments (tour operators and companies)

What do the local and the host include?

  • the local tourism business establishment
  • the local people who live near or use facilities offered in places of interest
  • the local people who work for the tourist industry

What is the role of the tourism business establishment?

Mediator or go-between. They arrange, manage, filter and discipline as to what aspects of the culture should be packaged, displayed and consumed. They also control and filter tourist' intercultural experiences on site. They arrange the sequence of events in encounters, with many tours finishing off at souvenir shops. They select which aspects of culture are to be showcased. They also assess and decide how much environmental bubble is needed to cushion the tourist' experience.
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Why does language matter for tourism?

Local languages along with their traditional ways of communication often feature heavily in tourists' experience of authenticity. Related to their role as markers of authenticity and difference, local languages are frequently employed in travel shows as resources for relating foreignness to audiences and sometimes as objects of play.

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