Study abroad and tourism - Tourism (Can I take a picture with you?) - Tourist roles and perspectives

9 important questions on Study abroad and tourism - Tourism (Can I take a picture with you?) - Tourist roles and perspectives

What is cultural tourism?

A type of special interest tourism whereby visitors aim to learn about the past and present lifestyles of a destination from visiting historical or architectural landmarks, museums, galleries, scenic landscapes, heritage sites, artistic performances, festivals, and so on.

What is mass tourism?

The phenomenon of travelling for pleasure in a foreign country by a large number of people.

What is Cohen's (1972) typology of four tourist roles based on?

  • tourists' travel arrangements
  • the extent to which they come into contact with the host country
  • the extent to which they seek familiarity versus novelty
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What is environmental bubble?

The way tourists seek to cushion their level of contact with a new and different culture by retaining routines, habits or comfort of their home cultures.

Which four tourist roles exist?

  1. the organised mass tourist
  2. the individual mass tourist
  3. the explorer
  4. the drifter

What is the organised mass tourist?

The type of tourist who signs up to a package tour and remains largely confined to their environmental bubble throughout the trip.

What is the individual mass tourist?

These tourists make travel arrangements through a travel agency and visit the selected tourist attractions. They have more control over their itineraries and do not stay in a group, and therefore have an opportunity to experience something unplanned.

What can be said when the intercultural contact is very limited?

This leads many critics of tourism to conclude that what comes with tourism is only an opportunity to observe foreignness of a place rather than experience it.

What is Litvin's tourist mentality 'been there, done it'?

The tourists seemed pleased to experience authenticity offered by living places, but even more pleased when they took pictures of themselves, in front of, rather than inside, the market.

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