Barrier technology - Preparation procedures - Application methods

4 important questions on Barrier technology - Preparation procedures - Application methods

Which 3 application methods to form a film are there?

  • Mechanical method
  • Dip casting
  • Spraying

Mention some mechanical methods to form an isolated film

  • Make a well-defined layer of a solution or melt on a smooth surface, by a casting knife that may have a solution reservoir. The knife forms a layer of solution on the surface of the product. By subsequent drying or cooling, a film is formed.
  • With the help of brushes
  • Letting the product pass a falling film, which then spreads around the product

What is a big advantage of spray drying?

Spray can lead to well-defined, thin films, while the product can be sprayed from all sides, or specifically from one side.
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Is a solution or melt used for spraying as mechanism to coat?

Usually, a solution is used, although there are examples of melt based spraying.

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