Crystallization and matrix formation - Freezing and thatwing - Collapse

4 important questions on Crystallization and matrix formation - Freezing and thatwing - Collapse

Why can keeping ice cream a while above Tg' cause collapse?

The product will lose the structural or compositional coherency of the product. If a concentrated solution somewhat above Tg' is in the temperature region that exhibits WLF kinetic, we see a quick reduction of the viscosity. Also a very quick increase of the diffusion rates.

Why can degradation reactions be quite fats in the regime just above Tg'?

The liquid surrounding the crystals has become very concentrated. This means, that also enzymes, or components that are susceptible to some form of degradation, will also be very concentrated. Degradation reactions, such as oxidation or browning, are concentration dependent, and therefore can be quite fast in this regime.

What happens when ice cream is just above Tg'?

It can collapse in structure and degradation reactions will be quite fast. The ice cream is however deformable, but it is unstable.
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How can the instability of ice cream above Tg' be solved?

With the use of cryoprotectants, cryostabilizers and anti-freeze (gluco)peptides.

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