Crystallization and matrix formation - Freezing and thatwing

4 important questions on Crystallization and matrix formation - Freezing and thatwing

What is the 'freeze-flo' technology?

By making use of high-fructose corn syrup, it is ensured the Tg' is low, such that the product will retain its fluid properties, even at -20C.

What is a relatively new way to prepare high-quality ice cream?

Through extrusion. The large amount of shear forces inside the extruder break up large crystals. The resulting ice cream has a very fine structure. Because of the high forces, the air bubbles in the cream become smaller too. This causes a more creamy taste and allows one to use less fat in the formulation.

What molecules are best for cryostabilization?

Large molecules, as the larger the molecule, the higher the glass transition temperature, the stronger the effect of the cry-stabiliser.
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What is the downside of a high-molecular weight cryostabiliser?

It will change the sensory properties of the product significantly.

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