Use Cases - Finding Use Cases - Naming Use Cases

8 important questions on Use Cases - Finding Use Cases - Naming Use Cases

How does tool vendors show the use cases?

Tool vendors are allowed to put the name underneath the ellipses to simplifying their diagraming effort

What are the naming conventions for Use cases?

The naming conventions for Use Cases recommend avoiding both noun or participle forms for behavior. So, therefore, do not use “Hailing a Ride,” or “Hailed a Ride”

but use:
“Hail a Ride,”

Use cases are usually codeveloped with who?

Because Use Case diagrams are simple, they are usually codeveloped with representatives of the Actors and given to the Actor community to review
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Why is it useful to codevelop the use cases with the Actors?

This is valuable because the Actors can easily see if all their own goals are included and may be able to see if there are any irrelevant goals.

What terminology do we use by naming the use cases?

We,  name the Use Cases using the terminology of the Actors, avoiding jargon or implementation concepts.

We try to use simple, unambiguous terms that everyone can understand.

Early informed feedback is critical to most projects

System developers tend to organize their projects around the Use Cases.

Why do they do that?

because it makes the project more understandable by all parties.

If your project is producing requirements or design documents (most will), consider organizing them by Actor and then by Use Case.

When System deveolopers tend to organize their projects around the use cases.

What can you consider?

consider building your package structure by making packages of related Use Cases, following the Use Case inspired outline

When working on a project, if you find that you are focusing your effort without addressing the delivery to the Actors the goals of a Use Case.

What can you do?

, you are probably just working on a technology “whiz- bang” or “gilding the lily.”

Such efforts are often descoped. If you are not producing value, you may not be valued.

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