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5 important questions on Use Cases - Simplifying Use Cases - Include

With large Use Cases, you may often find that several Use Cases share common subgoals or common subbehaviors. To share without duplication.

How can we do this?

Using the <<Include>> mechanism

What are the boxes with the folded corners?

They are Notes that add commentary to a diagram.

What happens with the included contents?

The Included Use Case’s contents insert inside the Base Use Case.

It is not like a subroutine call as there are no parameters nor return values.

It is more like a copy and paste, or an in-line macro expansion.
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How many incuded use cases may be connected to a base use case?

There are no limits on the number of Included Use Cases connected to a Base, as long as each Included Use Case is necessary to meet the Base’s goals and complete the required functionality.

In UML 2.5 we use the term <<include>> .
What were the earlier terms for the <<include>> mechanism?



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