Modeling - Purposes for UML Modeling - Design

6 important questions on Modeling - Purposes for UML Modeling - Design

What does Design cover?

Taking the analysis products as input, Design covers the modeling of :
  • the additional things that you have chosen to be part of the solution
  • the approaches you are going to take
  • the patterns you are going to repeat
  • and the decisions you have made
  • all to meet the users’ needs and system requirements.

The UML models will need to cover the...?

The structure, behavior, and other VIEWS of the system.

Specialty views are common, for example, a Security View would encompass the set of UML diagrams that cover how the system’s security will work.

Other views may need to be constructed, such as how the system will be installed, upgraded, turned off, disposed of, upgraded, maintained, or replenished. These views are usually tailored to a particular community of interest

Architecture models can include all of the diagrams in UML, but ....?

but may only show the information supporting the current view.

Architecture models need to support reasoning about the structureand behavior of the system, so that changes, when made, will be consistent with the overall architecture.  
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What are Detailed Design?

Covers the remaining details necessary to specify the solution, following the architectural decisions made previously

What is the target of the Detailed Design?

The target of the models made during detailed design are the developers themselves so that the diagrams can be considerably more detailed.

What does the Detailed Design typically include?

They typically include:
  • composite structure diagrams
  • communication
  • component
  • deployment diagrams to an extent not done earlier

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