Nationalism and political reform, 1850-1880

5 important questions on Nationalism and political reform, 1850-1880

Who met at the congress of paris?

those nations that had taken part in the war

What was the unforeseen results of the congress?

-scared off by huge losses, brittain isolated itself politically
-the ottoman empire was forced to accept reform about its treatment of christians, limiting its capability to quel national movements in the balkan
-austria could no longer count on french or british support because they hadn't taken part in the war

What reform did the ottoman empire bring in the 1840's?

security of property
equality in taxation
equality before the law regardless of religion
tax collector reform, giving them fixed salaries and inspections
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How was sweden ruled before 1866?

by the estate system, where each estate had the same sway, no matter how many members it had

What replaced the swedish estate system?

the estate system was replaced in 1866 by a parlaiment of two houses. the upper house restricted to wealthy landowners and the lower house open to men of property. it gave the vote to 20 percent of the population

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