The new imperialism and the spread of europe's influence - vulnerable democracies - great britain

6 important questions on The new imperialism and the spread of europe's influence - vulnerable democracies - great britain

Why was ireland a problem for parlaiment?

ireland seethed under english rule.

How did parlaiment try to defuse the situation?

liberals offered home rule but were both oppossed in parlaiment in london and by conservatives in ireland itself.

What happened when in 1884 the autonomy of Ireland was proposed?

Many were against this ideo because the protestants would be overwhelmed by the catholics. Ireland got autonomy in 1914 > protestants were against this, but WW I happened during this time
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Did home rule defuse the situation in ireland?

not in the slightest. protestants feared catholic domination so they armed themselves and in response, so did the catholics. conservatives actually encouraged revolting against the catholics and army officers said they wouldn't do anything if they did.

What was the situation in the government?

the house of commons was coming up with social reform and wanted to fund it with higher death tax and income tax. the house of lords blocked these bills, causing outrage since they had not been elected and were blocking the will of the majority.

How was the power of the house of lords broken?

the house of commons offered a bill that would give the house of lords a suspensive veto, only allowing them to postpone legislation, not stop it entirely. the lords were of course against this but the king threatened to appoint 400 new lords so they gave in.

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