The new imperialism and the spread of europe's influence

10 important questions on The new imperialism and the spread of europe's influence

What economic reason was given for imperial expansion?

the european powers expanded to get access to more markets to sell their goods. these new territories were barely a part of foreign trade.

What social motive was given for expansion?

many imperialists believed an empire could be a solution for social problems by sending the poor to the new colonies to resettle

What triggered the wave of colonization in the late 19th century?

colonization was seen as a source and way to display power. powerful nations had colonies so those nations that wanted to be seen as powerful had to get colonies
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What other reasons for colonization were there?

-protecting the nation's interest, like when england declared egypt a protectorate to secure the suez-channel
-subdueing the frontiers of the new colonies. outskirts were often turbulent so they had to be secured. this expansion made new frontiers and so on and so on.

What ideological reason was there for colonization?

the empires of europe believed it was their task to civilize their colonies to help them reach the ppinnacle of civilization that they saw in themselves

What was the public's perception of colonialism?

most people looked favorably at colonial expansion, even creating organizations to lobby for more expansion

What were the living conditions for the poor in italy?

in the south, landless farmers were forced to work for landowners for minimum wage. in the industrialized north, to be competitive, the workers were paid low wages

How did workers react to these conditions?

they banded together and revolted. the government used hard measures, declaring marshal law and using violence.

The three emperor's league?

consisted of austria-hungary, germany and russia but fell apart of russia and austria-hungary's quables about the balkan. bismarck had pledged to aid russia if austria attacked but wilhelm II let the agreement lapse, causing russia to turn to france

What side was britain on?

britain was politically isolated but would support germany. it was less of a rival in colonisation then france. but this came to an end when wilhelm started expanding his navy

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