The tortured decade, 1930-1940 - hitler and nazism in germany - nazi aims and german society

6 important questions on The tortured decade, 1930-1940 - hitler and nazism in germany - nazi aims and german society

What was needed to achieve a volkgemeinschaft?

society had to be unified. the nazis attempted to do this through forced partizipation in groups, like the hitler youth and labor front. this way, they spread the nazi ideals among the people.

How much support did the nazi party have?

the nazi party enjoyed a lot of support for its public goals but some of the longer term goals were kept secret from the german people because they weren;t deemed ready for them

Did these people have to fear retribution?

the gestapo didn't target people who minimized their involvement, they targetted specific groups and opposition.
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What rules did hitler institute after coming to power?

the nuremberg laws were presented in 1935, they outlawed marriage between jews and non-jews. from 1938, jews had to carry ID-cards.

What was the goal of the nazis in the 30s?

the goal of the nazis was to force the jews to emigrate. but emigration was difficult because all their assets would be seized and other countries were still dealing with unemployement and didn't need more unemployed people so they weren't very welcoming

What was the goal of this domestic reorganization?

to prepare germany for war. they were willing to kill their own people to strengthen germany as a whole and coordinate industry to prepare germany.

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