The age of optimism, 1850-1880 - culture in an age of optimism

4 important questions on The age of optimism, 1850-1880 - culture in an age of optimism

What changed in the practice of science?

science switched from amateurs to professionals, meeting in groups, publishing findings and promoting theories. governments and companies had an increasing role

What medical advances were made?

ether and chloroform were introdcuded in the 1840's and allowed for extensive surgeries.
physicians also took an interest in the cause of illnesses and did research

How did photography influence artists?

the rise of photography split artists across the ranks, artist that believed they lo longer had to create realistic art and those that still created realistic art to meet the demand of the common man
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How did realism affect writting?

writers didn't romanticize anymore but described hardship of the poor and boredom of middleclass married women, the horror of war

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