Renaissance in Northern Europe - High Renaissance in Northern Europe

4 important questions on Renaissance in Northern Europe - High Renaissance in Northern Europe

What do we mean with the Habsburg Patronage.

The Habsburgs controlled a lot of countries in Europe and other continents. They became big art patrons in the 16th century. Especially works by Titian were adored by the Habsburgers. When Mary of Hungary and Philip II came to the Netherlands they also fell in love with Flemish painters like Bosch, van Eyck and Campin.

To which time period is referred to when we speak of the Age of Discovery.

The Age of Discovery is the time period of the 15th trough 17th century where European exploration mapped the details of the world. These explorations also spawned an encounter with peoples and cultures hitherto unkown.

Why was there an increase in the building of castles during the renaissance period?

In the Renaissance, the merchant class rose in importance and wanted to express their power and wealth. Apart from patronizing artists, they had castles (châteaux) built.
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"A concentration of Renaissance castles is found in the Loire valley."
What was the reason for this?

The Loire valley has a fine climate and abundant game.

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